Seniors Ministry

Our seniors are an important segment of our church. They are the pillars of the church, the ones who sacrificed to build it. Seniors programs provide a time for them to enjoy some of the benefits of being seniors, not only with meaningful worship but also fellowship with other seniors. “Fellowship in the gospel” (Phil.1:5) transcends all other relations, for it provides an intimate relationship with God, as well as with others of like faith.

The seniors enjoy sing-a-longs with the old songs, which maybe only they can truly appreciate. The senior Pastor is invited for worship as he is the "shepherd" of the church, even though he is still young.

The seniors have qualified speakers within the group who are willing to share from their knowledge, experience and expertise, which include health tips for seniors.

The best part of the fellowship is enjoying a meal together as several of our seniors live alone.

The goal of this ministry is to draw closer to God and to each other. It is important to listen to each other’s stories and to encourage one another. The legacy of this group is to reflect the joy they have in knowing the Lord and sharing how God has blessed through the years.