Personal Ministries

The Personal Ministries department is responsible for conceiving, organizing, and implementing the in-reach and out-reach activities of the church. It co-ordinates all of the evangelistic efforts of the various church ministries, so that each department works in harmony towards a common goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To this end, some of the activities which we pursue are:

  • Purchasing and making available literature for our members and for outreach which is topical, up-to-date, and addresses the needs of individuals.
  • Planning short-term and long-term evangelism efforts in our community, with the goal of introducing people to the gospel message.
  • Keeping our church members informed of upcoming events and programs.
  • Arranging for training for members in various areas of church work
  • Operating a Bible School for assisting individuals in further study of the Bible. We use the "Discovery Bible Course", a 26 part series of study guides, in both a correspondence course and as in-house group session course. These courses are promoted in the community through a number of methods.
  • Co-ordinating the efforts of various church ministries through regular monthly meetings.
  • Making available DVD's of weekly sermons, special events, etc. to members and visitors.