Ringing in the ears of Jesus' disciples as He ascended into the heavens were the words "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature " ( Mark 16:15 ). The Seventh-day Adventist church is fulfilling this commision, with work in almost every country of the world. On a local scale, however, we have a great work to do within our community.

We attempt to have one or two community-oriented evengelism series or events each year, often held in rented facilities. Using large screen presentations, the gospel message is presented in a powerful manner, addressing a number of Biblical topics with clarity and great visual impact. Our goal is to help individuals to see how the Bible has answers for many of our greatest needs and desires, and to encourage people to continue studying on their own. Very often, people will accept Christ as their Saviour and desire to be baptised.

We also have a number of other outreach programs periodically. Believing that God wishes us to not only be spiritually healthy, but also physically healthy, we run health-oriented seminars, such as the well-know CHIP program, where individuals can learn what it takes to restore health, and support groups are available to assist in this goal. Vegetarian cooking schools introduce many individuals to the benefits of a meatless diet and the avoidance of harmful foods.

The Windsor church also periodically holds community fund-raising concerts for needy organizations. In the past, many thousands of dollars have been raised for groups such as the Rwandan community, the Children's Safety Village, the Sudanese community, and the Haitian Earthquake relief efforts.

We offer the "Discover Bible Course", for interested individuals, either by means of an in-house class, or by mail correspondence. This allows people to learn more about the Bible at their own pace and in a convenient manner.