Church Announcements & Social Events

July 2019
  1. More opportunities to Pray! TWO mid-week prayer meetings are taking place every Wednesday morning at 10 am and evening at 7 pm. We invite you to join us interceding for the needs of our world. We have seen miraculous answers to prayer, and experienced the goodness of God, connecting to His Mystery and Presence in prayer.
  2. Weekly Bible Class today at 5 pm. Brenda Bhanks will continue teaching on Christian lifestyle.
  3. Membership Transfer: Second Reading: Transferring in from the Apple Creek Adventist Church in Markham, Ontario to the Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church: D’Andrea Scott Lindo.
  4. The AV team has made an Email address and kindly asks that all PowerPoint Presentations, Music, Slides, Videos, Etc. be sent before noon on Fridays to Due to the need to reduce the amount of stress and rush on AV operators before the Divine service starts. Files will no longer be accepted on Sabbath. Thank you for your Co-operation.
  5. In the Windsor area, we are now able to receive 3ABN broadcasts from a local Detroit Station, channel 18.5 , which is WDWO, channel 18 and subchannel 5. This Adventist network can now be watched continuously by anyone on regular TV, which provides a great tool for evangelism. Your TV may require rescanning, as sub-channel 5 is relatively new.

Windsor Adventist Elementary School Announcements

Today’s Amazing Fact about our School in Windsor

- Did you know? The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates the second largest parochial school system in the world, and the largest Protestant School System worldwide.


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